Teacher Ishizuka shihan


Shihan ISHIZUKA 6th Dan in Nihon Karate Jyoshinmon, practiced karate in Japan for more than 37 years. He received greatest honors in many competitions such as the MVP(Most Valuable Player) Award at the Jyoshinmon world championships, which he won 11 times.

In Tokyo, he taught not only Kenshinkai style students but also students from other schools. For 12 years ISHIZUKA Sensei was the head of the Tokyo Karate Association.

In 2006, after FUNAYAMA became familiar with his new position of Shihan, Shihan ISHIZUKA moved to Frankfurt am Main in Germany to fulfill his longstanding desire to create a dojo abroad.

In Frankfurt Kenshinkai Dojo, you can learn the techniques, the spirit and etiquettes of Karate. Of course, we will learn to defend ourselves and properly react in dangerous cituation. In a strong body with a healthy mind, Karate as a Budo will accompany the karateka during their whole life.

Karate career of ISHIZUKA Shihan

April 1969 Start Karate
August 1972 – August 2005 Japan Karate-do Jyoshinmon Kenshinkai Dojo coach
June 1974 – August 2005 Japan Karate-do Jyoshinmon Central Dojo leader
August 1974 – May 1977 Japan Karate-do Jyoshinmon referee (A-class)
May 1977 – August 2005 Japan Karate-do Jyoshinmon Inspector (Class A)
April 1983 – Juni 2004 Tokyo-to-do karate Renmeisenshu Kyokaiinkai (association) Trainer
Tokyo-City team Vice Chairman
April 1990 – Oktober 1990 Tokyo A class Karate Federation referee
Oktober 1990 – April 1996 Karate Kanto district council district judge
April 1996 – August 2005 Japan Karatedo Federation National referee
Oktober 1991 Japan Amateur Sports Association C-class sports instructor
Oktober 1996 Japan Amateur Sports Association B-sports instructors
June 2004 to August 2005 Tokyo Karate Federation player selection committee member
September 2005 Japan Amateur Sports Association senior sports instructor


His other specialties are Jujitsu, Martial arts, Manipulative treatment, Natural healing ,Therapy, Kendo and Dieting and stretching exercise. You can learn combined exercises from him.